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Application for UC San Diego Support Group Recognition

Please fill out the application as thoroughly as possible. The application is six (6) sections long and requires the following documentation:

  • Current list of Officers and Members of the Board (required)
  • Current bylaws or other governing documents, only if changes since the previous application (required)
  • An endorsement statement by the Dean or Department Chair whose unit benefits from the organization’s support. (required).
  • Copies of monthly bank statements for each account of the previous year (if applicable)
  • A list of all account numbers, types, balances, type of funds deposited in the accounts, and the group’s tax id numbers for the accounts. (if applicable)
  • Financial Statements from the previous fiscal year and/or a budget for the current year (if applicable)
  • Sample of a membership solicitation (if applicable)
  • Sample of a gift solicitation (if applicable)

Please have the documents ready to upload prior to starting the application as there is no ability to stop and save once the application is started. If you are unable to provide any documentation at the time of the application you may send them to the Support Group Office via email at