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Support Groups FAQ

Does my group need to apply to be an officially registered support group?

The Support Group Office requires registration and official recognition for the following types of groups:

  • Groups outside of UC San Diego staff management or control. These groups are not affiliated with a particular College, Department of Program and are initiated and managed by volunteers, with minimum UC San Diego staff oversight.
  • Groups that maintain a bank account not managed by the Regents of the UC San Diego Foundation.
  • Groups that engage in fundraising activities, even though they have oversight by UC San Diego staff and have an association with a College, Department or Program of UC San Diego. These groups must work in close association for their fundraising purposes, with a development officer, program administrator, department or division head or other designated personnel of the University.

How do I submit an application to become a registered support group?

The best way to apply for your group to become a registered support group is to submit the online application. The application will be received by the Support Groups Office, who will then facilitate the approval process. If for any reason you are unable to complete the application online please contact the Support Groups Office.

What if I do not have all the necessary documents needed to complete the online application?

If you are unable to provide any documents at the time of the application you may send them to the Support Group office via email at

Why is the Support Group Office requesting a review of current group membership?

In an effort to maintain accurate data records, the Support Group Office will send out review requests twice annually and for special circumstances. Membership data is used as a resource for multiple projects and Campaign objectives, as well as tracking campus involvement.

What or who is a BO?

BO stands for Business Owner. Business Owner is an internal title for the University Staff person responsible for management or oversight of a group. The BO is a liaison for the group and assists with any updates to the group's membership records.

Membership in my group has changed, do I have to wait to let the Support Group Office know until an official review?

No, if you are aware of a change in a support group’s membership please submit a request to have the data updated. If you are an Advancement staff member please submit a FootPrints ticket for the change. If you are not Advancement staff please contact the Support Groups Office with any changes.

Can my group open a bank account?

All campus support groups are required to receive official approval from the Chancellor to open/maintain a bank account. This approval is coordinated out of the Support Groups Office.