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Who is the Support Groups Office?

The Support Groups Office (SGO) was formed by the Chancellor’s office to be in compliance with Regents Policy 5203: Policy on Support Groups, Campus Foundations, and Alumni Associations, in which it states that the Chancellor will have a designated individual in the campus office of support group operations, to serve as the liaison with campus support groups and their officers. SGO’s mission is to assist UC San Diego campus support group leaders with the operations of their organizations and to foster a stronger working relationship with those groups. SGO will be a dependable resource to help make your job as a volunteer leader easier while providing the University with assurances of policy compliance. SGO is housed in Advancement Services within Advancement.

How Can We Help?

  • A resource for policy information, event planning, and risk management
  • A liaison with the University for policy compliance
  • A guide for leadership issues, bylaws, and board development